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It’s no secret that the economy has taken a toll on everyone. Layoffs, forced early retirements, and factory shutdowns have many turning to creative ways to produce extra income. Whether you need to save a little more or you need extra to make ends meet, finding alternate solutions to create income is not that difficult if you do your homework. Creating extra income during a recession is simply a matter of brainstorming and getting those creative juices flowing.

You can use Jiji to promote your website. There are thousands upon thousands of free classified sites on the internet. But which ones do you choose to post in? My experience with posting in classified sites is to choose upon the most popular, or the ones with the most traffic. I will go to alexa and search for classified websites and pick the top 100. Posting daily to these sites will produce some nice traffic to your website.

Since your capture system is set up now it is time to go hunting. You will try to drive traffic to your squeeze page by going where those of your niche go. What internet forums do they use? What websites do they visit? Do they view classified online adds like Craig’s list? If so spend time writing posts on these forums answering and posting questions that may interest those of your niche. After your post leave a link to your website or squeeze page. So when someone reads your post they can learn more about you and go to your site. Place ads on classified sites directing people to your site. This will help create traffic, but you should do research on other traffic creation methods.

People have their mailbox filled with emails and spam these days. Obviously they don’t have the time to read every single email they get. So the screening process starts with the headlines. It’s a simple as that, if your headline sucks your all effort goes in vain. They will just ignore the whole message.

If you choose free traffic methods, you must have patience, because free traffic methods will take a little longer to produce visitors then paid methods.

You can use online communities and forums to generate traffic to your site. Forums that have relevancy to your service or product are ideal places to advertise. But do take note that you should not let the users in the forums see you as just making use of the forum to leave a link to your site. You should spend some time contributing to the forums by actively participating in discussions and offering help with topics you are knowledgeable in.

The profit potential of this method is incredible. Once you tap into the strategy and see it working you’ll see exactly what I mean. And until you do, you’ll have a hard time understanding why I get so fired up about it.

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